Notice and Take Down Policy


Should you discover any content on the website which you believe infringes any UK law or rights you may possess, please contact the site manager, following the process outlined below.

How to complain

Please write to the site manager stating the following information:

  1. Your contact details (name, address, telephone number and email address).
  2. Full details of the material concerned, including its URL on the website.
  3. An explanation of the basis of your complaint.
  4. Action requested.
  5. An assertion that your complaint is made in good faith and is accurate.
  6. If your complaint is about breach of your own copyright, please include a statement that, under penalty or perjury, you are the rights owner or are authorised to act for the rights holder.

Please send your complaint in writing to:

FAO: Site Manager
Re: Notice and Take Down
Continuing Professional Development Centre
University of Oxford
Department for Continuing Education
Littlegate House
16-17 St Ebbes Street
Oxford OX1 1PT
United Kingdom

In addition, please send an email with the message header “ Notice and Take Down” to the following email address:

What happens next

On receipt of your complaint our ‘Notice and Take Down’ procedure is invoked as follows and we will:

  1. Acknowledge your complaint.

  2. Make an initial judgement of the validity of the complaint and:

    1. if your complaint is plausible, based on UK law, the material concerned will be removed from the website, or access suspended, pending verification of the complaint;

    2. if we judge the complaint implausible or incorrect, we will inform you of this and our reasons.

  3. Where necessary, seek professional legal advice on your complaint.
  4. Contact the individual contributor who published the material about which you are complaining. The contributor will be notified that the material is subject to a complaint, under what allegations, and be given the opportunity to refute the complaint.

  5. Investigate your complaint and notify you of the result of this investigation and what actions we have taken/will take.

  6. If the investigation finds in your favour we will remove the material permanently from the website unless you give us permission to use it. A record of the material may remain on the website logs.