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To participate in, please register, or login if you have already registered. is a global programme which aims to encourage the sharing of high quality information about climate science, modelling and the interpretation of climate change modelling experiments. It will do this by offering two short online courses and supporting an online community of knowledge sharing in regional climate prediction.

Participants will automatically be able to become members of the community upon registration. Other experienced climate practitioners will also be welcomed, allowing members to exchange knowledge and experience of climate modelling and related issues.

The programme combines climate prediction expertise from the University of Oxford’s team and the Met Office's PRECIS team, and was developed with the expertise of the University of Oxford's Department for Continuing Education.

    Available courses

    This free short course has been designed to give you an introduction to climate science and modelling, and how to go about interpreting the results of climate modelling experiments.

    Welcome to the community. This is an online meeting place where you can share your knowledge and learn from others about climate science and modelling.

    The second course is intended for those with a scientific background and who have completed course 1: An introduction to the science of climate and climate change (and achieved a score of 90% or more in the course test). This tutor-supported online course aims to give students a good understanding of the issues surrounding producing, interpreting and applying predictive data, thereby giving users an insight into the most appropriate uses of regional climate model data.

    NOTE: This course is currently not scheduled to run, to be placed on a waiting list please contact